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Chicken Couscous

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3-4 people

My tastebuds

Prep time15 minutes
Recipe TypePoultry
1Cupcouscous (One package of couscous (flavored) is recommeneded)
1Cupcarrots (Sliced)
1Cupcelery (Sliced)
1Clovegarlic (Minced)
1⁄2Cuponion (Minced/Sliced)
1Cangarbanzo beans (Drained)
1Cupmushrooms (Sliced)
2Tablespoonolive oil
1Poundchicken tenderloins (Cubed)
1Canwater chestnuts (Drained)

Chicken Couscous

A great recipe that is easy to put together... serves two hungry people or 3-4 people that aren't ravenous :) 

  1. First, mince, slice, and cube necessary ingredients as recipe calls for. (Celery- about 3 large stalks, Carrots- about 3 large sticks, Chicken- cube, Clove Garlic- mince, Lemon- squeeze, Onion- mince/slice)
  2. In large skillet or wok, over medium high heat, add olive oil and let heat.
  3. Add cubed chicken and cook, sprinkling with desired toppings (I usually sprinkle with pepper and garlic salt).
  4. When chicken is cooked, set aside.
  5. Turn down burner to med-low heat and add minced garlic, onions. Saute.
  6. Add celery, carrots, mushrooms and continue to saute.
  7. When vegetables are soft/cooked, add garbanzo beans (chick peas), water chestnuts, lemon juice, 1 cup couscous (or 1 package, I like to use Pine Nut flavor or Mushroom Herb flavor), and water.
  8. Stir well and add chicken. Stir and cover for about 12 minutes, stirring occasionally. If food begins to stick to bottom, turn down heat.
  9. Serve immediately and enjoy!

This recipe is basically a stir-fry and feel free to make it your own.

-I have added peppers, tomatoes, oregano, and it all taste great. Experiment.

- Vegetarian? No problem- remove the chicken and try adding another form of bean or tofu!

- Served great with hummus as an appetizer with veggies/bread. 

-Taste well when paired with a cold, red wine.


A great recipe that is easy to put together.

Sounds delicious

Thank you for posting!  I will try this recipe soon.

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