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A note about the source of photos on the site:

I was given express written permission by to use the fruit and vegetable photos you see in the banner.  The photos in the revolving feature on the upper left of each page and the photos in every recipe came from one of five sources: 1), 2), 3), 4) purchased by me from, or 5) from my own database of photographs.

When contributing photographs to this site associated with your recipes, please use only your own photos or photos explicitly specified as residing in the public domain.

A note about the source of recipes on the site:

I used recipes that were created either by myself, a friend, or a family member.  If a recipe came from a friend or a family member, I got their permission first before posting it.  I searched for every recipe online in order to verify that it did not come from a published source.

When contributing recipes to this site, please use only your own recipes or ones that you have been given permission to distribute by family or friends.  While a list of ingredients in a recipe is not copyrightable, the description associated with a recipe may be.  Please see: U.S. Copyright Office - Recipes for details.

If you have thoughts or feedback about the source of photos or recipes on the site, please contact me.

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